Art of Making

We design our products and work with local artisans who turn our designs to reality.
We value transparency in our supply chain as well as with our customers. We believe in ethical business and fair trade practices.
Our products are made by local artisans all over India. They highlight the incredible craftsmanship and traditional skills that distinguish our products.




Our Weaves and Knots product range uses Water Hyacinth- an aquatic weed as raw material. Women artisans in Assam weave magic into them to create our pretty products.


Water hyacinth is found in abundance in almost every river body and lake. It was considered waste and nuisance as it led to water loss and reduction in biodiversity. Its removal not only helps to rejuvenate the environment but also helps to provide sustainable livelihood to rural artisans.

Wooden Block Carving


Our Wooden Block tealights are inspired from Rajasthani age-old craft of block printing on fabric. Artists in Rajasthan hand carve wooden blocks in various designs which are used creatively on fabric in patterns.

Our tealights are made by artisans in Rajasthan and are inspired from this beautiful age-old craft!